The Dropel Story

Reinventing your favorite T-shirt.

We started Dropel Labs to solve the problems of cashmere by creating performance-based cashmere apparel that fits into our everyday life. 


Everybody loves cashmere, but no one loves the difficulty of keeping it clean and soft. We’re creating a new category of Cashmere. We call it “performance cashmere.” We’re reinventing your new favorite t-shirt. Our technology enables cashmere to be water-repellent, machine-washable, and durable. It even gets softer with every wash.

Ultra-soft, water-repellent, and machine washable.

Cashmere 2.0

We are Dropel.



Dropellabs™ is creating the world’s first sustainable performance cashmere. Made by Dropel Fabrics, Dropellabs is the company’s consumer platform to begin the broader conversation about the design and innovation available with textile technologies.

The goal is to harness the power of the world’s softest materials, design and technology to create products that allow us to rediscover our favorite fabrics and pieces, to make them better for longer.

Performance natural materials open up new possibilities in design and manufacturing not possible without material science and textile technologies.


Dropel Fabrics

Dropel Fabrics transforms natural fabrics with properties of synthetics to create performance–based natural materials through material science and sustainable textile technologies. Dropel Fabrics is partnering with world-class brands across luxury and consumer goods categories to transform industries.

Dropel Fabrics is founded by CEO Sim Gulati, Dr.Kwaku Temeng, formally of Under Armour, and Jinnie Kang to bring new life to the material world. They’re a unique and diverse team from Oxford, MIT and FIT with expertise in chemical engineering, textile science and design. Dropel Fabrics is proud to have the support of world class investors such as Plug and Play Ventures, Fashion Tech Lab, CZV Capital, and Full Tilt Capital.